by Georg Buchner
Opening Night 08 October 1997
Production: Yves Tixier
Production: Joy Hellyer

A group of wanderers looking for shelter break into an abandoned theatre. To pass time after dinner, but also to appease the spirits of the place, they start telling stories - these stories, of course, make up the story of Woyzeck, a poor wandering soldier oppressed and used by the poeple around him.


Cast: Kate Roy 
  Jared Cone 
  Dincan Gibson 
  Anna Knight 
  Lyndon Hood 
  Geoff Lambourne 
  Jason Johnson 
  Jason Johnson 


Stage Manager Joy Hellyer 
Lighting Yves Tixier 
Lighting Design Lyndon Hood 
Publicity Joy Hellyer 
  Yves Tixier 
  Eddie Cleverley 
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated