The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe

by C S Lewis
Opening Night 1991
Director: David Manley
Director: Judith Laube


Peter Tom Denton 
Susan Juliet Flaherty 
Edmund Neil Millar 
Lucy Christina McCombie 
Professor Anthony Skegg 
Mrs Macready Kelly Rust 
Mr Tumnus Eddie Still 
White Witch Lynn Freeman 
Maugrim Grant Olds 
Dwarf Nicole Esplin 
Mr Beaver Nathan Clark 
Mrs Beaver Annette McMillan 
Father Christmas Anthony Skegg 
Aslan Phil Robertson 
1st Leopard Anna Hurley 
2nd Leopard Kelly Rust 
Wolf Nicholas Clark 
Witch's Assistant Abigail Clark 
  Linda Darnton 
  Tom Hayward 
  Nigel Steele 


Set David Manley 
Stage Manager Jonathon Bolton 
Assistant Stage Manager Nicholas Clark 
Costumes Joy Hanson 
Costume Assistant Mary Cummings 
Make-up Lee-Anne Duncan 
Sound/SFX Richard Olds 
Properties Annie Fisher 
Make-up Alix Bolton 
Fight Co-ordinator John Reid 
Fencing coaching Julian Chisholm 
Poster and Programme John Hodgkins 
Front of House John Campbell 
  Vicky Carthew 
Lighting Julian Chisholm 
  Gillain Roger 
Publicity Vicky Carthew 
  Catherine Fitzgerald 
Stage Hands McConnochie 
  Abigail Clark 
  Nick Clark 
  Linda Darnton 

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