The Dumb Waiter

by Harold Pinter
Opening Night 25 February 2010
Director: Emily Duncan

The story of The Dumb Waiter concerns two hit-men waiting on the go-ahead to carry out their next job. The ambiguous details of the job, and the suspenseful situation, at times create hilarity, while at other times cause explosions of pent up anger and frustration due to the lack of control the characters have over their fate.


Nigel Benson - ODT
Terry MacTavish - TheatreView
Anna Chin - The Listener


Ben Brian Kilkelly 
Gus Andrew Morrison 


Set Andrew Cook 
Stage Manager Sarah McCallion 
Stage Hand Laura Wells 
Lighting and Sound Design Jeffrey Vaughan 
Tech Operator Hadley R Taylor 
Wardrobe Rachael McCann 
Poster Design Andrew Cook 
Photographer Melanie Peters 
Publicity Roslyn Nijenhuis 
Brian Kilkelly, Andrew Morrison.
Brian Kilkelly.
Andrew Morrison.
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