Action Replay

by Fay Weldon
Opening Night 1989
Director: Denise Walsh

On the surface this is a study of the shifting inter-relationships between three young couples, following the developments through a span of 25 years. Borrowing a presentation method from television sporting coverage, the action is repeated, sometimes in quite brief scenes, with subtle and often radical differences. Many more layers of investigation are made than would have been possible with a straightorward narrative technique.

To some extent the method resembles that used by Priestly in 'Dangerous Corner', but whereas in that play the single repeat led up to a single small incident and the momentous consequences which might or night not follow, here many repeats are used to present the characters in different lights and situations in order to examine, with symapthy and a certain ironic humour, a vast part of the whole male/female relationship.


Helen Alayne Ballentyne 
Judy Juliet Clark 
Shirley Belinda Leckie 
Saul Stephen Ure 
Stephen Warrick McNeill 
Jonathan John Readman 


Conceptual Design Denise Walsh 
Lighting Design Nancy Higgins 
Slides Carol Stewart 
Poster Gay Cusack 
Stage Manager John Campbell 
  Nimmi Mondraty 
Lighting Operator Nancy Higgins 
  Carol Stewart 
Sound Operator Nimmi Mondraty 
Carpentry John Campbell 
  Gordon McKenzie 
Publicity Gordon Brough 
  Ian Kingsford-Smith 
Photography Nigel Yates 
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