Blood Wedding

by Frederico Garcia Lorca
Opening Night 1989
Director: Gordon Brough


Leonardo Alex Laube 
Mother Joy Smith 
Bridegroom Graeme Hall 
Bride Fionnuala Kelly 
Mother-in-law Beth Rask 
Leonardo's Wife Nadia Elmaaroufi 
Servant Gaylene Gale 
Neighbour Marian Coxhead 
Bride's Father Giora Shapria 
Youth Jeffrey Bates 
Guest 1 Mickie Reid 
Guest 2 Gabrielle Aumont 


Producton Secretary Alix Bolton 
Producton Assistant Kim Currie 
Design Ian Kingsford-Smith 
Wardrobe Design Ian Kingsford-Smith 
Wardrobe Assistant Judy Willment 
  Gregor Campbell 
  Philippa Johnson 
  Stephanie Wilson 
  Norah Featherstone 
Lighting Design Peter Jaquiery 
Lighting Operator Julia Chisholm 
Sound Bruce Hall 
  Aron Ross 
Stage Manager Graeme Smith 
Set Build Gordon McKenzie 
  Ian Kingsford-Smith 
Properties Ondine Claridge 
Prompt Val La Hood 
Stage Hands Jim McCall 
  Warren Johnstone 
Poster Donald Brough 

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