China Wars

by Robert Lord
Opening Night 24 June 1988
Director: Stuart Devenie

A comfortable and quiet life. What more could Dolly and Ken want? Until Holly and Hal become their neighbours that is. After that it is war - especially about the borrowed china.


Dolly Karen Best 
Holly Hilary Norris 
Hal Patrick Davies 
Ken John Bailey 


Set Design Lynette Gernhoefer 
Stage Manager Janeen Grieg 
Sound Stephen Kilroy 
  Robert Takens 
Lighting Robert Wright 
Costumes Eve Durning 
Properties Gordon McKenzie 
Production Assistant Juliet Furness 
Publicity Karen Best 
Programme Karen Best 
Set Construction Jon Waite 
  Gordon McKenzie 
  Louise Cullen 
  Nanette McMillan 
  Lynette Gernhoefer 
  Rowena Cullen 

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