Carluccio and the Queen of Hearts

by George Rosie
Opening Night 26 May 2011
Director: Nigel Ensor

Carluccio and the Queen of Hearts is the story of the later years of the man who was once Bonnie Prince Charlie, the years during which he was an unwanted exile in Italy, unwanted by the Pope, the Florentines, the English – and his much younger wife. The playwright, George Rosie, is an Edinburgh journalist who has written a great deal about the history of Scotland, its people and their impact of the Scottish diaspora on other countries.


Barbara Frame - ODT
Kimberley Buchan - TheatreView


Charles Edward Stuart Joseph Cecchi 
Louise de Stolberg Elsa May 
Count Vittorio Alfieri Paul Ellicott 
Catherine de Maltzam Sarah McCallion 
Sir Horace Mann Emmett Hardie 
Jonathan Rudd Chris Summers 
John Stewart Robert Free 


Set Design Nigel Ensor 
Set construction Don Knewstubb 
  William Torr 
  Ben Nicholls 
Stage Manager John Campbell 
Lighting Design Phillip Todd 
Lighting Rig Phillip Todd 
  Sigurd Willbanks 
Technical Operators Don Knewstubb 
  Ben Nicholls 
  Jacob Parsons 
Wardrobe Rachael McCann 
Photography Sofie Welvaert 
Joseph Cecchi.
Elsa May.
Paul Ellicot.
Sarah McCallion.
Emmett Hardie.
Chris Summers.
Robert Free.
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