Joyful and Triumphant

by Robert Lord
Opening Night 13 February 2003
Director: Louise Petherbridge

All eight scenes take place on Christmas Day in the dining room of the Bishop home in a small country town in New Zealand. The first scene in 1949 and progressively until the last in 1989. As the day progresses, so to do the years. The effect is to provide the unity of a single days activity with the sweep of the forty year history of the Bishop family.


Dad John Watson 
Mum Alison Finigan 
Rose Zakaia Cvitanovich 
Ted Geoff Lambourne 
Brenda Ruth Wheeler 
Raewyn Trudi Powell 
Alice Gwenda Pippen 


Stage Management Emily Ross 
  Christine Hurst 
Props Emily Ross 
  Christine Hurst 
  Gretel Newman-Sugrue 
Set Design/Construction Andrew Cook 
Set Construction Jeffrey Vaughan 
  Dylan Pringle 
Lighting/Sound Jeffrey Vaughan 
Wardrobe Roz McKechnie 
Poster Design Brian Beresford 
Publicity/Front of House Rosemary Beresford 
Photography Reg Graham 
Front of House Murray Robertson 
First Night Supper David Manley 
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated