A Life in the Theatre

by David Mamet
Opening Night 01 December 2005
Director: Mark Neilson

The King is dead. Long live the King! The passage of knowledge and power from age to youth has been the stuff of theatre for centuries. In mamet's version, the 'King' is a man of charm and stature, a doyen of the stage for whom the stage is his life. The other in this two-person play is a much younger man who is eager to learn all he can from his much admired mentor… …until the time that he recognises that he is now the top dog, the other a sad has-been. A voyage that is often hilarious but which brings sadness of losses that are the inevitable consequences of aging.


Robert Patrick Davies 
John Andrew Morrison 


Stage Manager Neal Barber 
Lighting Design Jeffrey Vaughan 
Set Design and Constructi Andrew Cook 
Lighting Operation Angus Dingwall 
Sound Design Renee Walker 
Sound Operation Lynsey Crowley 
Wardrobe Claire Hewitt 
  Roz McKechnie 
Publicity Roslyn Nijenhuis 
Photography Reg Graham 
Patrick Davies, Andrew Morrison.
Andrew Morrison, Patrick Davies.
Patrick Davies.
Andrew Morrison.
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