Here are some of the people who have been involved

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Cain Sleep
Caitlin Duff
Calder Prestcott
Caleb Thomson
Callum Davies
Cam Hassall
Campbell Thomas
Campbell Thomson
Cara Darville
Carol Brown
Carol Curreri
Carol Jarvis
Carol Moxey
Carol Stewart
Carol Young
Carola Peterson
Casey Cowle
Catherine Fitzgerald
Catherine MacManus
Catherine Madill
Catherine Scully
Catherine Sinton
Catherine Spencer
Cathrine Waite
Cathy Knowsley
Cedric MacArthur
Celia Davies
Charles Beresford
Charlie McClaren
Charlotte Findlay
Charlotte Hall-Tiernan
Charlotte Handley
Charmian Dodd
Charmian Smith
Cheyne Jenkinson
Chris Ackerley
Chris Balme
Chris Bishop
Chris Brickell
Chris Holdsworth
Chris Hopkins
Chris Horlock
Chris Jacobs
Chris King
Chris Mangin
Chris Mansfield
Chris Masters
Chris Raynor
Chris Reid
Chris Sims
Chris Summers
Chris Vialle
Christina Brosnan
Christina McCombie
Christine Gibbs
Christine Hurst
Christine Johnston
Christine Johnstone
Christine Tongue
Christopher Brayshaw
Christopher Carey
Christopher de Latour
Christopher Mangin
Christopher Masters
Christopher Thompson
Cilla Hotere
Cilla McQueen
Cindy Diver
Claire Freel
Claire Glenn
Claire Hewitt
Claire Millichamp
Claire Wood
Clare Adams
Clare Fairbrother
Clive Bayliss
Clive McNeil
Colin Chapman
Colin Cheyne
Colin Durning
Colin Gibson
Colin Kitchingham
Colin McCahon
Colin McDonald
Colin Rochfold
Colin Thorn
Colleen Kennedy
Connor Blackie
Conrad Broad
Constance Sleeth
Corey Anderson
Cosette Doward
Courtney Drummond
Courtney Power
Craig Scott
Craig Storey
Cushla McKinney
Cynthia Wun

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