Chris Summers



Opening Night

The Ladykillers One-Round 07 December 2017
Balance of Payments Father 06 August 2015
Verdict Dr Stoner 28 February 2015
Brief Encounter Young Man 18 April 2013
Winkie Gavin Walls 12 July 2012
Worse Things Happen at Sea Adolphus 01 March 2012
Carluccio and the Queen of Hearts Jonathan Rudd 26 May 2011
The Real Inspector Hound Magnus 02 December 2010
The Country Wife Quack 25 June 2009
Seasons Greetings Neville 02 December 2006
Twelfth Night (2005) Fabian 06 October 2005
A Man for all Seasons Thomas Cromwell 24 February 2005
Beggars Opera Chorus/Matt of the Mint 10 June 2004
Absurd Person Singular Sydney 19 February 2004
Prisoners of Mother England Gerry 04 December 2003
Romeo and Juliet (2002) Tybalt 20 June 2002
Rookery Nook Putz 01 February 2002
The Merchant of Venice (1999) Old Gobbo 25 February 1999
Terminal Guilt Maurice Fenwick 13 July 1998
King Lear Duke of Cornwall 12 February 1998
Coriolanus First Citizen/Roman Soldi 30 January 1997
Coriolanus Armour 30 January 1997
Miracles Actor 14 December 1996
23 records listed
Chris Summers
in "Balance of Payments"
Yvonne Jessop, Chris Summers
in "Brief Encounter"
Chris Summers
in "Winkie"
Chris Summers, Helen Fearnley
in "Worse Things Happen at Sea"
Chris Summers
in "Carluccio and the Queen of Hearts"
Laura Wells, Chris Summers
in "The Real Inspector Hound"
Bill Needs, Chris Summers
in "The Country Wife"
Chris Summers
in "Seasons Greetings"
Chris Summers, Gwenda Pippen
in "Absurd Person Singular"
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