Ray Stone



Opening Night

Richard III (1981) Thomas Stanley 1981
The Merchant of Venice (1979) Launcelot Gobbo 14 July 1979
The Confidential Clerk Sir Claude Mulhammer 1973
A Penny for a Song Hallem Mathews 24 October 1972
The Cocktail Party Unidentified Guest 1971
Temptations of Oedipus Creon 03 April 1970
The Cherry Orchard (1968) Actors: 17 October 1968
The Apple Cart Magnus 01 September 1967
The Seagull (1965) Trigorin 1965
The Spirit and the Flesh The Bishop Orders his Tom 1970
The Spirit and the Flesh Andrea Del Sarto 1970
11 records listed
Graeme Smith, Ray Stone, Eve Durning, Douglas Blair
in "The Confidential Clerk"
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated