Nigel Ensor



Opening Night

GHOSTS by Henrik Ibsen Jacob Engstrand 11 May 2017
Mary Stuart Talbot 29 September 2016
Look Back in Anger (2015) Colonel Redfern 08 October 2015
Shakespeare: beautiful, bold and bawdy bits! King Lear 29 March 2015
Where Once Our Voices Led William Fenwick 01 August 2013
Winkie Director 12 July 2012
Winkie Set Design 12 July 2012
Carluccio and the Queen of Hearts Director 26 May 2011
Carluccio and the Queen of Hearts Set Design 26 May 2011
Me and My Friend Director 27 August 2009
Cry Director 25 October 2007
Prisoners of Mother England Director 04 December 2003
Wit Director 22 August 2002
Terminal Guilt Director 13 July 1998
Terminal Guilt Tom Withnall 13 July 1998
15 records listed
Paul Ellicot, Terry MacTavish, Nigel Ensor, Helen Fearnley
in "Mary Stuart"
Nigel Ensor, James Tregonning , Paul Ellicot, Warren Chambers
in "Mary Stuart"
Nigel Ensor
in "Where Once Our Voices Led"
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