Terry MacTavish



Opening Night

Richard II (2019) The Duchess of York 30 May 2019
Winter Series - An Hour with the Irish Maurya (Riders To the Sea) 29 June 2018
Ghosts (2017) Helene Alving 11 May 2017
Mary Stuart Elizabeth 29 September 2016
The Bard: Beautiful, Bold and Bawdy Queen Gertrude 29 March 2015
Lady Susan Lady Susan 13 June 2014
Blithe Spirit Madame Arcati 08 December 2011
Shall We Gather at the River Rusa 08 October 2010
The Country Wife Lady Fidget 25 June 2009
Old Times Anna 26 June 2008
The Road to Mecca Elsa Barlow 30 August 2007
The School for Scandal (2006) Lady Sneerwell 05 October 2006
Vita and Virginia Vita 29 June 2006
The Seagull (2005) Arkadina 02 June 2005
She Stoops to Conquer (2004) Mrs Hardcastle 05 August 2004
The Rivals (2003) Mrs Malaprop 07 August 2003
Wit Dr Vivien Bearing 22 August 2002
Hay Fever Judith Bliss 15 February 2001
Her Aching Heart Lady Ham'et Helstone 18 November 1993
Tiggy Tiggy Touch Wood Missy 15 March 1993
Measure for Measure (1978) Isabella 1978
The Confidential Clerk Lucasta Angel 1973
Marching Song Dido Morgan 1973
The Devils Sisters: Claire 1973
The Philanthropist Celia 1973
Exiles Beatrice 06 May 1972
The Family Reunion Mary 01 July 1970
27 records listed
Paul Ellicot, Terry MacTavish, Nigel Ensor, Helen Fearnley
in "Mary Stuart"
James Tregonning , Terry MacTavish
in "Mary Stuart"
Terry MacTavish, Ashley Stewart
in "Mary Stuart"
Matthew Scadden, Terry MacTavish
in "The Bard: Beautiful, Bold and Bawdy"
Terry MacTavish
in "Blithe Spirit"
Terry MacTavish
in "Shall We Gather at the River"
Janice Snowden, Terry MacTavish, Bill Borlase
in "The Country Wife"
Vivienne Laube, Terry MacTavish
in "Old Times"
Terry MacTavish
in "The Road to Mecca"
Glenda Marshall, Terry MacTavish
in "The School for Scandal (2006)"
Terry MacTavish
in "Vita and Virginia"
Terry MacTavish, Andrew Robinson
in "The Seagull (2005)"
Terry MacTavish, Peter Coates
in "She Stoops to Conquer (2004)"
Terry MacTavish, Andrew Gillespie
in "The Rivals (2003)"
Terry MacTavish, Bill Sewell
in "Measure for Measure (1978)"
Walter Bloomfield, Terry MacTavish
in "The Philanthropist"
Terry MacTavish
in "The Family Reunion"
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