Peggy Durrant



Opening Night

The One Day of The Year Dot Cook 1982
Selections from Jane Austen Readers 1982
Richard III (1981) Front of House 1981
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Actor 1973
You Never Can Tell Mrs Clandon 1971
The Family Reunion Agatha 01 July 1970
Too True to be Good Cast: 05 September 1968
Twelfth Night (1968) Wardrobe 28 March 1968
Twelfth Night (1968) Book Holders 28 March 1968
The Apple Cart Postmistress General 01 September 1967
Arms and the Man Catherine Petkoff 09 April 1962
Hedda Gabler Berta 1961
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Upcoming Productions

Ophelia Thinks Harder Opens 12th Sep

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