Natalie Ellis



Opening Night

Verdict Director 28 February 2015
A Kind of Alaska Director 1987
Selections from Jane Austen Narrator 1982
Flowers of the Earth Arranged by 25 April 1980
Flowers of the Earth Poetry 25 April 1980
And so to Bed, Restoration Evening Cast: 1980
The Women of Troy (1979) Director 1979
The Trojan Women Director 1979
The Masterbuilder (1976) Producer 1976
Little Murders Producer 1974
Ring a Rosy The Young Wife 1973
You Never Can Tell Gloria Clandon 1971
Hamlet (1958) Ladies in Waiting 1964
The American Dream Mrs Barker 01 March 1962
Hedda Gabler Mrs Elvsted 1961
15 records listed

Upcoming Productions

Ophelia Thinks Harder Opens 12th Sep

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