Thomas Makinson



Opening Night

Cinders: The True Story Dotty 01 December 2018
TOYBOX: The Awesomenauts and other Fairytales Director 09 July 2018
Wyrd Sisters Tomjon, Peasant 22 February 2018
The Ladykillers Harry Robinson 07 December 2017
Ghosts (2017) Stage Manager 11 May 2017
TOYBOX THEATRE: The Chocolate Robbers and Other Silly Stories Cast 17 April 2017
Much Ado About Nothing Benedick 23 February 2017
Charley's Aunt Jack Chesney 08 December 2016
Mary Stuart Aubespine 29 September 2016
Balance of Payments Vicar 06 August 2015
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Thomas Makinson, Reuben Hilder
in "Charley's Aunt"
Thomas Makinson
in "Balance of Payments"
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