James Tregonning



Opening Night

Mary Stuart Burleigh 29 September 2016
The History Boys Dakin 29 May 2014
Where Once Our Voices Led Bob Godston 01 August 2013
Worse Things Happen at Sea Ludovico 01 March 2012
4 records listed
James Tregonning , Terry MacTavish
in "Mary Stuart"
Nigel Ensor, James Tregonning , Paul Ellicot, Warren Chambers
in "Mary Stuart"
Arnie Tregonning, Dale Neill, Kimberley Buchan, James Tregonning
in "Where Once Our Voices Led"
Dougal Braid, James Tregonning , Arnie Tregonning
in "Where Once Our Voices Led"
Sarah Young , James Tregonning
in "Worse Things Happen at Sea"
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