Brook Bray



Opening Night

1917 - Until the Day Dawns David Macgregor 05 October 2017
Look Back in Anger (2015) Cliff Lewis 08 October 2015
Verdict Lester Cole 28 February 2015
A Midsummer Night's Dream (2014) Bottom 24 July 2014
Journey's End The Company Sergeant-Major 20 February 2014
Where Once Our Voices Led Mr Montgomery 01 August 2013
Brief Encounter Bill 18 April 2013
The Middlemarch Singles Ball Rob 05 October 2012
Lovepuke Ivan 17 May 2012
Worse Things Happen at Sea Stage Manager 01 March 2012
Prufrock's Love Song Stage Manager 05 October 2011
11 records listed
Brook Bray, Oscar Macdonald
in "Look Back in Anger (2015)"
Brook Bray
in "Where Once Our Voices Led"
Brook Bray, Alan Grey
in "Brief Encounter"
Brook Bray
in "The Middlemarch Singles Ball"
Brook Bray
in "Lovepuke"
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