Elsa May



Opening Night

Taking Off Jean 14 May 2015
Verdict Anya Hendryck 28 February 2015
Lady Susan Alicia De Courcy 13 June 2014
The Middlemarch Singles Ball II Penelope 05 December 2013
Macbeth (2013) Hecate 17 October 2013
Blithe Spirit Elvira 08 December 2011
Prufrock's Love Song Director 05 October 2011
Prufrock's Love Song Set Design 05 October 2011
Carluccio and the Queen of Hearts Louise de Stolberg 26 May 2011
9 records listed
Elsa May
in "The Middlemarch Singles Ball II"
Dylan Shield, Elsa May
in "Blithe Spirit"
Elsa May
in "Carluccio and the Queen of Hearts"
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