Warren Chambers



Opening Night

Finding Murdoch Lin Colling/ Chorus 26 April 2018
Mary Stuart Walsingham 29 September 2016
The Importance of Being Earnest (2016) Rev. Canon Chasuble 25 February 2016
Bullshot Crummond Otto Von Bruno 26 November 2015
Bullshot Crummond Salvatore Scalicio 26 November 2015
The History Boys Headmaster 29 May 2014
Journey's End Captain Hardy 20 February 2014
The Middlemarch Singles Ball Jack 05 October 2012
The Real Inspector Hound Simon 02 December 2010
9 records listed
Nigel Ensor, James Tregonning , Paul Ellicot, Warren Chambers
in "Mary Stuart"
Warren Chambers, Janice Snowden
in "The Importance of Being Earnest (2016)"
Warren Chambers, Laura Wells
in "Bullshot Crummond"
Warren Chambers
in "Journey's End"
Warren Chambers
in "The Middlemarch Singles Ball"
Kimberley Buchan, Warren Chambers
in "The Real Inspector Hound"
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