Denise Casey



Opening Night

The Devil and Mr Mulcahy (2018) Brenda Marshall 08 June 2018
1917 - Until the Day Dawns Bessie Mulholland 05 October 2017
The History Boys Dorothy Lintott 29 May 2014
Brief Encounter Laura 18 April 2013
All's Well that Ends Hope 12 August 2010
Kindly Leave the Stage Sarah 23 June 2010
A Cup of Tea and a Biscuit Barbara 03 December 2009
Me and My Friend Julia 27 August 2009
8 records listed
Denise Casey, Janice Snowden
in "Brief Encounter"
Denise Casey, Chris Jacobs
in "Brief Encounter"
Denise Casey
in "All's Well that Ends"
Don Knewstubb, Denise Casey
in "A Cup of Tea and a Biscuit"
Denise Casey, Kate Lindsay
in "Me and My Friend"
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