Laura Wells



Opening Night

Wyrd Sisters Hwel, Chamberlain, Guard 22 February 2018
Much Ado About Nothing Beatrice 23 February 2017
Bullshot Crummond Lenya Von Brunno 26 November 2015
The Bard: Beautiful, Bold and Bawdy Stage Manager 29 March 2015
Verdict Liza Koletzky 28 February 2015
The Choice Midwife 25 September 2014
A Midsummer Night's Dream (2014) Titania 24 July 2014
The Vagina Monologues (2014) Stage Manager 10 April 2014
Macbeth (2013) 1st Witch 17 October 2013
Brief Encounter Beryl 18 April 2013
Worse Things Happen at Sea Jane 01 March 2012
Blithe Spirit Mrs Bradman 08 December 2011
The Real Inspector Hound Cynthia 02 December 2010
The Dumb Waiter Stage Hand 25 February 2010
The Country Wife Alithea 25 June 2009
15 records listed
Warren Chambers, Laura Wells
in "Bullshot Crummond"
Laura Wells, Ashley Stewart, Miguel Nitis
in "Bullshot Crummond"
Kimberley Buchan, Laura Wells
in "Brief Encounter"
Laura Wells, Eddie Allan
in "Worse Things Happen at Sea"
Laura Wells, Bernie Crayston
in "Blithe Spirit"
Laura Wells, Chris Summers
in "The Real Inspector Hound"
Natalie Milne, Laura Wells
in "The Country Wife"
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